Unforeseen electromagnetic effects can become an obstacle to a product’s performance, reliability, and/or regulatory compliance status. It is not necessary to let that create a roadblock to the product’s success. We have many years of product design and remediation experience and we understand the product development process and the physical laws that govern whether these issues will arise or not. We can provide our clients’ design teams with expert engineering assistance without the need to have a full time specialist on staff.


Design Reviews & Proactive Design Collaboration

We assist our clients from product concept to product release with expert design consultation on a short or long term basis. This provides the ability for our clients to choose various approaches that are customized for their objectives. We have served the design teams of Fortune 500 companies in such matters and this is available for our clients. Some of the most popular services we provide are detailed electrical, mechanical, and PCB design reviews.


Design Remediation & Verification

Our remediation process provides valuable insight into what is actually happening based on real and provable evidence. This is accomplished by expert and unique problem analysis techniques, and appropriate correlation with known physical laws. This provides our clients a solid basis to develop various viable options to best meet their objectives.


Mr. Vrbanac is president and chief subject matter expert of EMC Forensics. He has a 40 year career in the electronics industry in product design and development and is recognized as a subject matter expert in high performance design practices, signal integrity, and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) design. He is an iNARTE Master EMC Design Engineer and has assisted a number of Fortune 500 companies as a corporate technology expert in the above mentioned areas. His ground-breaking research work in the development of gigabit signaling technology, high performance PCB design practices, use of signal integrity to manage product RF emissions, and cost-effective EMC design techniques suitable for mass production have all been widely accepted in the industry.

  • Michael Vrbanac


Your Success is Our Success

Our services are specifically designed to provide assistance to design teams involved in high performance equipment design especially when it involves high frequency electromagnetic effects. Some design choices are better than others and some may be more costly. We can help balance the performance / quality / cost tradeoffs that are inherent in every design in a way that meets your business objectives.

Technology Development

Our work is based on solid research and technology development in electromagnetic effects control combined with several decades of experience in product development. This gives us a tremendous advantage in order to provide intelligent and innovative solutions to deliver the kind of answers that you need.

Bringing Success is What We Do

Success feels good. We know. We can see it on our client’s faces. High performance design or simply getting your product through compliance testing can be a lengthy and rigorous ordeal. Cut the stress and give us a call. Give us a chance to get your product back on its feet. When that happens, we know that you, too, will be smiling.

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